Good2Talk Evaluation

An evaluation of Good2Talk was carried out in Fall 2014, led by the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health with support from each of Good2Talk’s partner organizations. The purpose of the evaluation was to determine if Good2Talk was helpful to post-secondary students in addressing their mental health and addictions needs. The evaluation looked at how Good2Talk was delivered, what demographic it was serving, if stakeholders were satisfied with the service and if it was meeting its intended outcomes. Specific outcomes examined included callers’ perceived problem severity, awareness of personal strengths, hope, perceived distress, coping skills, identification of next steps and options, and awareness of appropriate supports.

To see highlights of the Good2Talk Evaluation, check out the infographic below, or download the Evaluation Summary at the bottom of this post:




Click the links below to read the Good2Talk Evaluation Summary:

G2T1.0_Evaluation_Summary_FINAL_EN  – English

G2T1.0_EvaluationSummary_FINAL_FR  – French

Good2Talk French – Infographic (French)